Sunday 25th September 2016


Cormorants & Dragons Level 3 OPEN MEET


Bodmin Dragon Leisure Centre, Lostwithiel Road, Bodmin PL31 1DE



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Cormorants & Dragons Open 2016: Promoter’s conditions


1. The competition will be held under ASA Laws and Regulations and ASA Technical Rules of Racing and is licensed to Level 3 by the ASA (Licence No 3SW161918).

2. This Open Meet is being jointly run by Newquay Cormorants and North Cornwall Dragons. Newquay Cormorants will act as lead club for administration purposes.

3. Events will be as stated in the programme. Ages are as at midnight on the 31st December 2016.

4. Each swimmer must not be faster than the Cut Off Times shown in the table. There is no slower than cut-off time for this gala.

5. The correct entry fee must accompany each entry form or the entry will be treated as incorrect. Entry fees should be paid by bank transfer to the Club’s bank account, alternatively one consolidated cheque, made payable to “Newquay Cormorants Swimming Club” can be submitted.

6. Entry times on the entry form must be given using 25m pool times (converted if appropriate).

7. The closing date is Friday 10th September 2016 for entries made electronically by Hy-Tek file, and Friday 3rd September 2016 for paper entries.

8. Swimmers must be members of the club in whose name they enter by the closing date for entries. The promoter may accept late entries at its discretion. No refunds will be made for incorrect entries.

9. The promoter reserves the right to refuse or restrict entries, and in the event of over-subscription, any deletions required will be based on entry time and balanced across each age group and event.

10. Warm-up times and start times will be as stated in the programme.

11. Age groups are defined as 11yrs,12yrs,13yrs.14yrs,15yrs and 16+yrs. The 800m event is for females and the 1500m for males.

12. Heats will be seeded in accordance with the submitted entry times, slowest to fastest.

13. Medals will be awarded for each event in each age group for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

14. Data Protection – Newquay Cormorants Swimming Club uses a computer to record entries and results. By submitting entries and accepting entry to the Open Meet, consent is thereby given to the holding of personal information on a computer. Personal data recorded such as name, club, date of birth, and times entered and recorded may be made public during or after the Open Meet. This data will be passed to the ASA for the purpose of calculating and publishing swimmers’ national rankings. Newquay Cormorants and North Cornwall Dragons Swimming Clubs will publish results on their websites for this meet.

15. No spectators will be allowed on poolside.

16. The use of video or other photography equipment (or any device with an image capture facility) will only be permitted in accordance with the pool hire agreement in force on the day of the competition.

17. Team entries of more than 5 swimmers must be made electronically. The Hy-Tek Meet Manager file for Team Manager or Team Manager Lite is available from Nick Jenkin ( to whom electronic entries should also be made. A copy of the Hy-Tek Meet entry report (in pdf format) must be emailed along with the Hy-Tek entry file. Signed hard copies of entries will only be required in the event of a query. Individual entries from clubs of less than 5 swimmers may be made by hard copy only, in which case the individual entry forms must be included and arrive by Friday 3rd September 2016.

18. Heat start lists rather than cards will be issued at the gala.

19. Competitors must report to the marshalls two heats before their own event. Competitors for the first two heats of a session must report at the end of the warm-up. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that their swimmers present themselves to the marshal in sufficient time for their event. Races will not be delayed in the event that a swimmer fails to comply.

20. Coaches and team managers should notify the recorders as soon as possible if any swimmer is unable to compete.

21. Disabled swimmers: Please advise of any special requirements and we will do our best to meet them in consultation with their coaches.

22. Only competitors, officials and holders of a valid coaches pass will be permitted poolside. A maximum of 3 poolside passes per club will be allowed at a cost of £10.00 each, to include programme and results sheets.

23. Results will be sent to clubs by e-mail and will be available on the Newquay Cormorants and North Cornwall Dragons Swimming Club website.

24. All valuables and clothing left in the changing rooms will be entirely at the owner’s risk.

25. No diving at any time is permitted in the shallow end of the pool.

26. The pool is hired under an agreement with the pool operator. As the pool is run primarily for the benefit of the public the temperature of the water and surrounding air is under the control of the pool operator. The water temperature is normally maintained above 28 degrees Centigrade. No refunds will be given if a swimmer decides not to compete on the day based solely on water temperature.

27. There will be no entry fee for spectators.

28. Anything not covered by these conditions will be at the discretion of the Referee, who also reserves the right to alter these conditions in order to ensure the smooth running of the Open Meet. Any such alterations will be announced during the meet.