We are a validated 'Learning Destination' for the Children's University! If you already have a 'Learning Passport' we can now sign these for you.


If you don't have one we will be able to offer these to you shortly. They are £2.50 each


The Children's University is a national project which recognizes the achievements of young people who choose to take part in high-quality out of hours learning activities. In Cornwall, the project age range is from five to fourteen years old and students get involved through participating schools and clubs. You earn certificates for the hours of extra learning you choose to do in your free time.


If you want to know more, Please check out the Cornwall Children's University Website and the National Children's University Website.


You can also download the Children's University Guide that explains more about how to fill out your Learning Passport and how many hours you need to complete to receive the awards.




There are 30 Children’s University certificates named after real qualifications. You will be presented with them in either at school assemblies if you have received your Learning Passport from your school, or at Medal Presentations if you have received your Learning Passport form us.

Graduation events


When you have earned enough hours (Silver

Award or above) you will be invited to attend

a graduation ceremony and you will be able to

bring your parents or a carers along to share

in the celebrations!


We provide traditional graduation robes and ‘mortarboard’ caps for you to wear whilst at the ceremony and you will be presented with a graduation scroll as a keepsake.


Your club leader or school will let you know the date and details of the event.